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If two objects each have a mass of 200 kg and exert a gravitational force between them of 4.2. 10-6 N, what is the distance between them?

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2kg of refrigerant 134a undergoes a polytropic process in a piston-cylinder assembly from an initial state of saturated vapor at 2 bar to a final state of 12 bar, 80 degree c. a)determine the work for the process in kj. b)sketch the process on a p-v diagram.
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The energy equivalent of the rest mass of an electron is
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Two loudspeakers, 5.5 m apart and facing each other, play identical sounds of the same frequency. you stand halfway between them, where there is a maximum of sound intensity. moving from this point toward one of the speakers, you encounter a minimum of sound intensity when you have moved 0.33 m . assume the speed of sound is 340 m/s. part a) what is the frequency of the sound? part b) if the frequency is then increased while you remain 0.21 m from the center, what is the first frequency for which that location will be a maximum of sound intensity? express your answer to two significant figures and include the appropriate units.
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The great sandini is a 60.0-kg circus performer who is shot from a cannon (actually a spring gun). you don’t find many men of his caliber, so you him design a new gun. this new gun has a very large spring with a very small mass and a force constant of 1100 n/m that he will compress with a force of 4400 n. the inside of the gun barrel is coated with teflon, so the average friction force will be only 40.0 n during the 4.00 m he moves in the barrel. at what speed will he emerge from the end of the barrel, 2.50 m above his initial rest position?
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If two objects each have a mass of 200 kg and exert a gravitational force between them of 4.2. 10-...

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