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The speed of light in a particular type of glass is 1.74 108 m/s. What is the index of refraction of the glass?

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Alfred pushes on a heavy box, but cannot move it. the box has a lot of inertia motion friction gravity
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1. how much energy is needed to raise the temperature of 40.0 g of argon from 25c to 40c? the specific heat capacity of argon is 0.520 j/(g·k) 2a. 23.0 ml of 0.100 m hcl (standard) are added from a buret to neutralize 50.0 ml of an unknown basic solution. 2b. if the oh- produced in the previous reaction came from ca(oh)2, then what is the molarity of the ca(oh)2? 3.calculate the new freezing-point of a solution when 60.5 grams of cacl2 solute is dissolved in 0.612 kg of water. 4. what is the maximum number of moles of alcl3 that can be produced from 5.0 mol al and 6.0 mol cl2? 5. a sample of oxygen gas has a volume of 150 ml when its pressure is 0.923 atm. if the pressure is increased to 0.987 atm and the temperature remains constant, what will the new volume be? 6. nitrogen gas in a closed container at a temperature of 100.0 oc and 3.0 atm is heated to 300 oc. what is the pressure of the gas at the higher temperature?
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Abike rider starts from rest and accelerates 28.0 meters down a slope in 5.00 seconds. what is her acceleration? select one: a. 3.21 m/sec2 b. 1.75 m/sec2 c. 9.80 m/sec2 d. 2.24 m/sec2
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In one or two sentences, describe how you did in the balancing game. in a few more sentences, explain one strategy you learned for balancing more complex equations.
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The speed of light in a particular type of glass is 1.74 108 m/s. What is the index of refraction of...

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