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If the specific heat of a metal is 0.850 j/g °c, what is its atomic weight?


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As we know that with respect to oxygen atom taken as reference the product of atomic mass and specific heat of a metal will remain constant.

this product is equal to 0.38

so here we will say that let atomic mass of the metal is M

so with respect to oxygen atom its mass is given as

m = \frac{M}{16}

now we will have

\frac{M}{16} \times 0.850 = 0.38

now we will have

M = 7

so atomic mass of the metal is 7 g/mol

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Its atomic weight is 0.00753N


Dulong and Petit law states that atoms of all elements have the same heat capacity so their specific heat is inversely related to their respective atomic weights.

       i.e      S_{H}\alpha \frac{1}{A_{w} }

where S_{H} is the specific heat of the object and A_{w} is the atomic weight of the object.

       ⇒ S_{H} × A_{w} = constant = 6.4

S_{H} = 0.850J/g°C = 850 J/KgK

             A_{w} = \frac{6.4}{850}

                   = 0.00753N

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If the specific heat of a metal is 0.850 j/g °c, what is its atomic weight?...

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