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Explain how the value of the 7 in 327,902 will change if you move it to the tens place


Answer from: syulerio8418
It'll decrease by 6,390.
327,902 - 7000 + 70 = 6,390.
Answer from: enchantednights
The 7 is in the thousands place and if you move it to the tens it would turn form 7,000 to 70.
Answer from: liyahheadhigh

7 with value of seven thousand will be seventy by value if moved to the tens place. That is 327,902 to becomes 320,972.


By moving or changing the position of 7 to the tens place the value of 7 changes. 7 which had the value of seven thousand (7000) in 327,902 becomes seventy(70) as in 320,972.

Thereby making 327,902 to become 320,972.

Answer from: kerarucker12pe384k
By moving the 7 to the tens place, you turn the seven thousand (7000) into a seventy(70), making 327,902 to 320,972.
Answer from: ansonferns983
If you move it to the tens place it will wind up being 372,902
Answer from: mzyjohnson47
it will become 70 instead of 7000
Answer from: joelleygonzalez5792
It will change from having a value of 7,000 to having a value of 70
Answer from: aliyahlknox881
Right now the value of the seven in three hundred twenty seven thousand,nine hundred two,is 7,000.If you move it in the tens place the 7 is changing spots so it will be 70.
Answer from: gransazer863
The number would increase to 372,902 because 7 is a larger number than 2.
Answer from: dozsyerra
The tens place will be where the zero is which the value would be 70 since the 7 is in the thousand place the value is 7,000

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Explain how the value of the 7 in 327,902 will change if you move it to the tens place...

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