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Painting is 2 in by 1.5 in. scale is 1 in: 40 cm. what are the dimensions of the original painting?


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80 cm by 60 cm

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To solve this we know that the scale is 1 In: 40 Cm since our painting is already in inches all we have to do is multiply the inches by 40, so 2 inches * 40 is 80 and 1.5 * 40 is 60 and now all we do is turn the units into centimeters and we are done!

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The answer is 10. and if you go by pemdas you would 1. multiplication 2. division 3. addition 4. subtraction
Solve the following problem using the order of operations. then match each operation with its place
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it will be a cylinder. with a diameter of 8 and 4 single pieces high

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You know the right answer?
Painting is 2 in by 1.5 in. scale is 1 in: 40 cm. what are the dimensions of the original painting?...

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