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Mark can make 4242 birthday cakes in 77 days. how many birthday cakes can mark make in 55 days?


Answer from: ajayrose

approximately 3030.5

Step-by-step explanation:

To solve this you need to figure out how many cakes mark can make a day so to do this you divide 4242 by 77 and get 55.09090909 (repeating) so for this lets just round up to 55.1 now all you got to do is multiply 55.1 * 55 and you get 3030.50. so mark can make approximately 3030.5 cakes in 55 days

Answer from: 3steves
I think your quetsion was supposed to be
'Mark can make 42 birthday cakes in 7 days. How many birthday cakes can Mark make in 5 days?'

ratio and proprtion


times both sides by 5
30 cakes
Answer from: Jaaaack
Mark can make 303,030 birthday cakes.
Answer from: juana18
The answer  is 303,030 , because we divide 424242 by 777 , which equals to 546 .
555 times 546 equals to 303,030.

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You know the right answer?
Mark can make 4242 birthday cakes in 77 days. how many birthday cakes can mark make in 55 days?...

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