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Justin gave the clerk $20 to pay a bill of $6.57. how much change will justin get


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Step-by-step explanation: just subtract 20-6.57

hint hint u can also use  a calculatr

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Step-by-step explanation:$20-$6.57

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Given that Justin gave the clerk $20 to pay a bill of $6.57.

Now we have to find how much change should justin get.

Justin will recieve change only if he paid more money that the bill amount.

Clearly $20 (paid money) is more than $6.57 (bill amount)

Hence Justin will recieve difference of both values.

To find the difference, we subtract 6.57 from 20

20-6.57= 13.43

Hence Justin will get change of $13.43

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He will get back $13.43
Answer from: kay9776
The answer is $13.43.
you can use a calculator

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Justin gave the clerk $20 to pay a bill of $6.57. how much change will justin get...

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