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21/2 * 1 1/6=i need can someone explain this for me?


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Step-by-step explanation:

2 1/2 is 5/2

1 1/6 is 7/6

Multiply these together to get (5*7)/(2*6) or 35/12.

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2  11/12

Step-by-step explanation:

2 1/2 * 1 1/6

Change the mixed numbers to improper fractions

2 1/2 = (2*2+1)/2 = 5/2

1 1/6  = (6*1+1) /6 = 7/6

Replace with the improper fractions

5/2 * 7/6 = 35/12

Now we have to change it back to a mixed number

12 goes into 35 2 times   (2*12 =24)  

35 -12 = 11    with 11 left over

2 11/12

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the runner’s pulse will be 70 beats per minute in 7.9 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

P(t) = 145e^{-0.092t}

Graph the function using a graphing utility.

Graph is attached below.

P(t) is beats per minute

Given P(t) is 70, so we plug in 70 for P(t) and solve for t

70= 145e^{-0.092t}

Divide both sides by 145

\frac{70}{145} =e^{-0.092t}

Now take ln on both sides



Divide both sides by -0.092

So t≈7.91564

Round to nearest tenth t= 7.9

We can verify it from second graph

Ineed serious  someone  explain this to me!  the function p(t) = 145e-0.092t models a runner’s pulse
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$21,040 is the total including tax.

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answer is 62.7

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Step-by-step explanation:

the diagonal of a rectangle is the same as the hypotenuse of a right triangle. So we already have two sides of this right triangle the short side being 6 in and the long side being 14. We can use the pythagorean theorem to solve.


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Explanation is in the file

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This means that there were different side-effects that happened that people didn't consider when they were creating the legislation. Whether good or bad people didn't expect it.

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This question is a term to solve an equation

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Adjacent angles share a side and have the same vertex point.

When you are given the 3-letter names of the angles, as here, adjacent angles will have 2 letters the same (the common side), and the same middle letter (the common vertex).

The adacent angles in your list are
∠OPN and ∠QPN

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You know the right answer?
21/2 * 1 1/6=i need can someone explain this for me?...

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