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Robbie owns 15 percent more movies then rebecca and rebecca owns 10 percent more movies than joshua of rebecca owns 220 movies how many movies do rebecca and joshua each have


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Rebecca owns 72.

Joshua owns 65.

Step-by-step explanation:

Joshua owns some number of movies called x.

Rebecca owns 10 percent more than Joshua or 1.10x.

Robbie owns 15% more than Rebecca or 1.15(1.1x) = 1.265x.

If the total Robbie, Rebecca and Joshua movies is 220, then write:

x + 1.1x + 1.265x = 220

3.365x = 220

x = 65.37

This means Joshua owns 65 movies. Then Rebecca owns 65 movies plus 10% of it. This means 65 + 0.1(65) = 71.5. This rounds to 72. And Robbie owns 15% more than 72 so 72 + 72(0.15) = 82.8. This rounds to 83.

You can double check the numbers 65 + 72 + 83 = 220

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step-by-step explanation:

Answer from: Quest

c is the correct answer

step-by-step explanation:

9. find the determinant of k. a. 671 b. 913 c. 1 d. 597

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Robbie owns 15 percent more movies then rebecca and rebecca owns 10 percent more movies than joshua...

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