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Participation move down into the soil and becomes groundwater groundwater that travels into saturated soil zone becomes a part of


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-can be measured directly
-inject dye in one well and observe where dye appears in other wells
-determines velocity and direction of groundwater flow
-carbon - 14 can date groundwater at various wells
-determines how long since water entered groundwater system
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The correct answer is Aquafier. I just took the test and it was the correct answer. :)

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Water that reaches Earth as precipitation becomes groundwater. If that groundwater moves through the unsaturated soil zone into the saturated zone, it becomes part of an aquifer.


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Most groundwater comes from precipitation. Precipitation infiltrates below the ground surface into the soil zone. When the soil zone becomes saturated, water percolates downward. A zone of saturation occurs where all the interstices are filled with water.
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 Some of the water may infiltrate deeper, recharging groundwater aquifers. If the aquifers are porous enough to allow water to move freely through it, people can drill wells into the aquifer and use the water for their purposes. Water may travel long distances or remain in groundwater storage for long periods before returning to the surface or seeping into other water bodies, such as streams and the oceans.

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Participation move down into the soil and becomes groundwater groundwater that travels into saturate...

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