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Any political movement that represents the interests of the “common people” is known as a-capitalism. b-populism. c-bimetallism. d-activism.


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Th answer is D activist

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Populism is a set of political practices that are justified in an appeal to the "people," generally opposing this group to an "elite." There is no single definition of the term, which emerged in the nineteenth century and has come to mean different meanings ever since.

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B) Populism. Explanation:

The word populism came into use in the late 19th century beside the promotion of democracy. In the United States, it was nearly connected with the People's Party, while in the Russian Empire it was connected to the agrarian socialist Narodnik movement. During the 20th century, several parties appeared in advanced democracies that were defined as a populist.

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The correct answer is B. Any political movement that represents the interests of the “common people” is known as populism.

Populism appeals to the people to build its power, understanding the people as low social classes without economic or political privileges. It usually bases its structure on the constant denunciation of the evils that the privileged classes embody. Populist leaders, therefore, present themselves as redeemers of the humble.

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Any political movement that represents the interests of the “common people” is known as a-capitalis...

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