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Probably the most profound and longest-lasting legacy of napoleon's empire was the introduction of a single legal system, called the


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ancine greece impactted the legal system because america was modeled after it democratic structure. An example of this would be their voting boxes. Another example would be their legal system.


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In my opinion queen Hatshepsut was a better leader, mostly because during her reign she has focused on preserving the peace, establishment of good trade connection and building a lot of roads and temples. On the other side, while Rameses II was a great conqueror and also built a large number of temples, but he was also know as a brutal ruler.


Hatshepsut was a pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty, mostly known because of her focus on spreading trade and building great temples. She has established good links with Punt, with whom Egyptians traded a lot. Rameses is mostly known for his war with Hittites, and battle of Kadesh, after which a peace treaty was signed that enabled Egypt to flourish.

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Literature, art, law making, infrastructure and democracy are the ideas of Romans.


There is a lot of ideas that was taken from Roman and followed in the modern world. These ideas are the creation of law for the people of the country, democratic government, planning of cities for residents, art, literature and the designs of infrastructure was also copied from ancient Romans. In short, we can say that Roman culture has a great influence on our modern world.

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Mar 5, 2018 — Thus, the greatest legacy left by the Enlightenment thinkers would be the philosophy of democracy where people are given the opportunity to choose their leaders and systems.


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Shah 'Abbas was a force to reckoned in Iran. He was so important in the history of Iran having stood firmly during the time of civil war and attacks on Iran. Shah Abbas was the 5th safavid king of Iran. He was very strong during his reign and seems to the strongest ruler in saravid lineage. Sha abbas was the son of Khodabanda. He was a (shah) king of Iran, between October 1, 1588 to January 19, 1629.

Further Explanation

During his reign, the economy of Iran was in good shape. He makes the economy of Iran becomes stronger by creating global trade between Asia and Europe. He revived shai’s islam which is still in existence in Iran.  

The country was in great dilemma when shah Abbas became the king in iran and being the fact that sha’ah abbas was decisive, ruthless and intelligent ruler, he was able to regain territories lost to enemies with in the space of 11 years. After regaining all the territories from the enemies, sha’ah abbas moved the capital city of Iran and during this period the transformation of Iran society begun.  

Sha’ah abbas modernized the Persian army to meeting European standard and it was a huge success in the recovery of captured cities from the enemies.  


sha’ah abbassafavidshia's islam
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The correct answer is B) The founding of new colleges and universities.

A lasting legacy of the Great Awakening was the founding of new colleges and universities.

The Great Awakening was a period of Protestant revival in the American colonies, divide in two: the First Great Awakening that started by 1730 to 1740 and the Secon  Great Awakening from approximately 1790 to 1850. People get closer to churches and religious teachings, and preachers invited people to ask God for forgiveness for their sins. In the Second Great Awakening, preachers incite followers to see the life of Jesus of Nazareth as an example to be followed.

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The most important, long-lasting legacy of the Phoenicians was the  

a. Purple dye

b. Alphabet

c. Ship-building technology


Phoenicians are people who lived in a narrow land along the coast of modern Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel. Harbors and trading posts were established throughout the Mediterranean basin by Phoenicians.

The long-lasting legacy of the Phoenicians was Alphabet, purple dye and their ship building technology. Phoenicians used violet-purple dye to color the garments. The contribution of Phoenicians to the arts is impressive. The role of Phoenicians in publicizing the cultures of the ancient world is remarkable.

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Christianity and the Spanish culture
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Shah Abbas, or Abbas I of Persia, ruled from October 1, 1588 to January 19, 1629 as Shah (King) of Iran. He is probably the best known ruler of the Safavid dynasty. His early life is marked by uncertainty and turbulence. He is not originally in line for the throne, and his mother and brother (the would-be king) was murdered due to political intrigues. Abbas inherited the throne at its death throes; Iran was fighting against Ottomans and Uzbeks, and at the same time having internal trouble from differing political factions. He left a lasting mark by modernizing the Persian Army to European standards, which helped him reconquer parts of Iran held by Ottomans and Uzbeks, and helped made the country into a formidable military, political, and economic power.
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The answer is B ;)))

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