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How do you think the oklahoma land rush of 1889 affected native americans


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On April 22, 1889, thousands of Americans rushed into unclaimed territory in what is now known as the Oklahoma Land Rush.


About two million acres of what the government called “Unassigned Lands” had recently been opened for settlement. These lands had previously been “Indian Territory” occupied by the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole people.  


The Oklahoma Land Rush drew about 50,000 people. At noon, they rushed into the Unassigned Lands on foot, on horseback, on bicycles, and in wagons. Some people actually cheated and hid in the Unassigned Lands before they officially opened for settlement—these were the “Sooners,” now a nickname for Oklahoman.


Sooner and other settlers were rushing to establish homesteads. Settlers could claim up to 160 acres for a homestead. As long as the settler stayed on the land and improved it—through agriculture, residency, or industry—they would own it.


The population in what is now the state of Oklahoma swelled. The towns of Oklahoma City and Guthrie did not exist before April 22. By the end of the day, they each had 10,000 residents. Within a month, the region had working schools, banks, and newspapers. Within a year, the region was renamed the “Oklahoma Territory.”

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The transcontinental railroad provided a means of fast transportation. it cut a 6 month trip into 6 days, created jobs for many people and encouraged immigration. the homestead act played a huge role in western expansion; it allowed settlers to begin a fresh start, and gave them land in exchange for their residence for up to five years and a small fee.
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How do you think the oklahoma land rush of 1889 affected native americans...

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