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Why did congress award the little rock nine the congressional gold medal in 1999


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Because they wanted give weird awards

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President George Washington, Mother Teresa, President Nelson Mandella and Frank Sinatra are four of the less than 320 persons who have received the Congressional Gold Medal.  It is an honor that must be voted by the members of both houses of Congress.  The Little Rock Nine, heroes and heroines of the Civil Rights movement of the fifties received this country's highest honor given to a civilian for their triumphant but nonviolent trek through the racist mobs that mounted a life threatening effort to prevent their integrating Little Rock Central High School.  It was 1957 and the United States of America was called on to stand up for the promises its forefathers had made in the Constitution--that all men are created equal and have equal access.

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Why did congress award the little rock nine the congressional gold medal in 1999...

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