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Place the following in the correct order. i. night of the long knives ii. wannsee conference iii. auschwitz opens iv. kristallnacht


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The order should be I, IV, III, II.

I. Night of Long Knives (30 Jun 1934 – 2 Jul 1934) - in German history, the purge of Nazi leaders by Adolf Hitler

IV. Kristallnacht (9 Nov 1938 – 10 Nov 1938) - refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms

III. Auschwitz opens (1940) - the largest of the Nazi concentration and death camps. 

II. Wannsee Conference (20 January 1942) - ordered to organize the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem"
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answer: this is because archeologists keep finding artefacts and ancient ruins dated more than 10000 to 15000 years, date around scientists said humans discovered language; which is at least mysterious as scientists always have said that is necessary to have a language to have architecture and some basic maths.

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The central idea is that the hiv/aids epidemic is serious.

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Place the following in the correct order. i. night of the long knives ii. wannsee conference iii. au...

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