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Ineed a girlfriend anyone has any suggestions?

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0% 10. use the table to answer the question. which elements would you expect to find mainly in the earth’s core? element density (g/cm3) aluminum 2.7 iron 7.87 nickel 8.9 silicon 2.33 iron and silicon aluminum and silicon aluminum and nickel iron and nickel
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Why is important to cover your hands and feet in cold weather? a. they are furthest from your heart. b. they are often last to receive blood flow. c. they can suffer from tissue damage in cold weather. d. all of the above
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What kind of wound occurred when the skin scrapes against a hard surface and tiny blood vessels break in the outer layer of skin
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When a researcher debriefs her participants, she: provides a detailed explanation of the study. removes their undergarments. tells them they can stop taking part at any time. provides an detailed explanation of the study, and tells them they can stop taking part at any time.
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Ineed a girlfriend anyone has any suggestions?...

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