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Impressions of tropical swamp plants were observed on rocks in polar regions. the impressions were dark black imprints, which means the fossils are examples of ( 1 ) the fossils tell us that polar regions ( 2 ) ( 1 ) a. carbonization b. mineralization c. trace fossils ( 2 ) a. had tropical plants that can grow in ice b. might have had a diffierent climate in the past c. will have abundent vegitation


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1 A,  2 B.


1. In carbonization, a thin film of carbon mineral is formed on the fossils, giving them a dark black coloration, which makes us conclude that the fossils observed are an example of carbonization.

2. The presence of tropical swamp plant impressions in polar regions is an indication of a different, likely warmer climate in the past, in the polar regions, because plants commonly grow in similar conditions as their living counterparts and no tropical swamp plants are known that can live in polar regions today. Lichens that live in the tundra are not real plants.

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1st one is carbonization and the second one is and might have had a different climate in the past

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For Question 1 its B

For question 2 is C

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The first blank is trace fossils and the second blank is had tropical plants that could grow in the ice.

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Impressions of tropical swamp plants were observed on rocks in polar regions. the impressions were d...

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