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Lines 161–165: Compare these lines to lines 91–96 of the excerpt from Flesh & Blood So Cheap. What details are similar in each account of the spreading fire? What would likely be the source of the detail about the air seeming to be on fire that makes it a fact and not an image from the author’s imagination?

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Which of the following statements is true? a individual productivity is more important than group productivity b sacrifice isn’t necessary to achieve group goals c individual productivity is necessary for group productivity d waste isn’t a problem in reaching group goals
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Identify the appositive or appositive phrase. lucinda gonzalez student that are located milky way
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What are the effects of parallel structure in this excerpt? check all that apply. it adds emphasis to the verbs that describe the british government’s oppression. it uses repetition to add power to the colonists’ growing list of grievances. it stresses jefferson’s list of grievances, giving the reader a sense of the amount of time the colonists have been oppressed. it emphasizes that all of these acts were carried out by the same person.
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Lines 161–165: Compare these lines to lines 91–96 of the excerpt from Flesh & Blood So Cheap. Wh...

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