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According to "Remembering a Devoted Keeper of Anne Frank's Legacy," how did Elias remain safe during World War II?
Question 2 options:
He was taken to Bergen-Belsen.
His family remained in neutral Switzerland.
He was one of 7,000 survivors of Auschwitz.
His family hid from the Nazis in a secret apartment.

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Ineed to write a write a 4–5 paragraph compare and contrast essay that addresses how anne frank matures over the course of writing her diary. it's also a compare and contrast essay i just got put into this new class and i don't know if we were supposed to already be reading and the essay is due today and i haven't even started it nor read the book, someone me what do i do
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Answer 3 and 5 for brainliest. i don’t have a link for #3 sadly.
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You know the right answer?
According to "Remembering a Devoted Keeper of Anne Frank's Legacy," how did Elias rem...

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