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Review an impressive tour you have taken ​


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Your answer is going to be A

Answer from: Jbutler15
D or C I believe those two are the best answers
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IT IS A BRUH hope I helped
Answer from: smithad382
The correct answer is (A).

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Use morphology and syntax to make grammatical sense of the following sentence (mark all that the ova of all mammals except the monotremes undergo holoblastic segmentation. the -s inflection indicates that monotremes is a plural noun. the suffix -ic indicates that holoblastic is an adjective. the suffix -ation in the word segmentation is a noun-forming suffix denoting a process. the -s inflection indicates that monotremes is a possessive noun.
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Need plato answers asapselect all the correct answers. you are about to proofread your essay before turning it in. which of the following strategies should you use to maximize your effectiveness? 1. use only red pen for marking your mistakes.2. remember to look for mistakes you have made in the past.3. remember that, many times, teachers let small mistakes go.4. proofread backward, beginning from the end of the essay.5. look mostly at the introduction and conclusion.
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Time is not always change. time can also mean continuity, and it can mean keeping acknowledged truths in mind despite differences in circumstances. there is no better example of this in things fall apart than the retellings of the proverb about the bird named eneke, the language in both retellings is almost identical despite the length of time that has passed between their repetitions. in comparing the usages of the same proverb, achebe allows his readers to note the similarities and differences between the situations, and he them understand how this story can be applied to their own lives.
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“the bane of the internet” is written in first-person subjective point of view, so the narrator a) tells the story as it is happening b)tells the story as it is happened in the past c)is a minor character who tells the story as it is happening d)none of the above
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Review an impressive tour you have taken ​...

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