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How are y'all doing today at this fine hour?

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Gulliver's attempt to imitate the houyhnhnms gulliver to accept himself as he is causes gulliver to hate himself and other humans improves gulliver's character causes gulliver to be patient with people's problems next
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Evaluate the argument in president kennedy’s inaugural address for sacrificing oneself for the greater good of humanity. is this argument convincing? in what ways can we see the legacy of his request in this word today.
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How does crane's depiction of the way information was spread in the nineteenth century affect the novel? crane seeks to use the novel as a way to criticize the journalists of the time for how they glorified war as a means of union propaganda. by depicting the extent to which newspapers were circulated, crane seeks to expose the lack of unbiased reporting at the time. by giving newspapers a major role in the novel, crane seeks to make a connection between the increasing role of the military in national affairs and the decline of farming. crane captures the power of journalistic reports at a time when it was the primary means of transmitting information to a broad audience by showing its influence on henry.
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King claudius has resolved to do what (besides send hamlet to england)? what does this reveal about his character?
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How are y'all doing today at this fine hour?...

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