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Traveling faster than the speed limit increase both the risk and the of a crash


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Increases the risk of the driver and of a crash
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1. I believe the answer is: high-impact crashes

High impact crashes refers to form of crashes that resulted in the destruction of both the  vehicles, the infrastructure near them, and injuries for the drivers. Divided roads tend to increase the chance of high-infact crashes because there is no concrete separation between vehicles that went into opposite direction.

2. I believe the answer is: adjusting your speed, conducting visual searches, and signaling

Adjusting speed would ensure that you have enough time to make a reaction in case there is sudden vehicles that come into your vision that move into your way, conducting visual searches would give you information regarding when and where to move and signaling would give codes to other drivers regarding your intention,

3. I believe the answer is: unpredictable

Vehicles tend to move fast and leave no room for other drivers to make a quick enough response to avoid collision. Because of this, make sure that you always make signals before making any movement, so other drivers could be notified and maintain their distance with your vehicle.

4.I believe the answer is: against the law

if any officers saw you do this, they would most likely give you a ticket for the violation. You then need to pay a certain amount of fine for the government or you have the option to make a defense for yourself regarding why the ticket is unjustified.

5. I believe the answer is: suspension

The duration of the suspension would be depended on the number of violation along with the damage that you cause in the violation. If you have been suspended for more than 3 times, the states could potentially take away your liscense for good.

6. I believe the answer is: Privilige

The moment you receive your license, there is an unwritten agreement between you and the rest of the society, which is that the society would allow you to use vehicles and make your transportation easier, but you need to be responsible and not endanger other members of society.

7. I believe the answer is: Severity

As the speed of the vehicles go higher, the impact that it create when it collide with another objects would also be greater. Along with this, the damage to the infrastructure and the severity of the driver's injury would also be increased.

8. I believe the answer is: your own well-being

Being sick could reduce the concentration that you have when you drive, which increase the risk of collision from occuring. Driving while being sick is an irresponsible behaviour not only to yourself but to other innocent people around you.

9. I believe the answer is: risk is always present

Let's say that you are on your behaviour and drive your vehicle as careful as you can. Accidents could still happen to you because of other driver's carelessness. Because of this, it is important to install necessary safety measurement such as seat belts and air bags.

10. I believe the answer is: all of these answers are correct

As a general guideline, every action that could endanger both yourself and other people could be used as a basis to revoke your license. As long as you follow the rules and ensure that you are in a good condition before you drive, there would be no ground for the suspension.

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Severity (how bad the crash is).
Answer from: perlalimas7372
Traveling faster than the speed limit increases both the risk and the Severity of a crassh.
If a crash happened at a high speed, the momentum created by the crash will be so strong it could potentially caused the car to explode, which will be very dangerous for the driver.

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Traveling faster than the speed limit increase both the risk and the of a crash...

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