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Make 6 questions of this reading (with answer) as soon as you can, please... i will give a brainliest;)

A Day in Your Life - in the Year 2020

People used to know more or less how their children would live. Now things are changing so quickly that we don't even know what our own lives will be like in a few years. What follows is not science fiction. It's how experts see the future.
You're daydreaming behind the wheel of your car, but that's OK. You have it on automatic pilot, and with its high-tech computers and cameras, your car “knows” how to
get you home safely.
You're hungry, so you head for the kitchen as soon as you get home. You ordered groceries by computer an hour ago, and you know that by now they've arrived. Your kitchen has a two-way refrigerator, which opens to the outside to accept deliveries. You've already paid for the food by having the money subtracted from your bank account. Nobody
uses cash anymore.
What's for lunch? In the old days, you used to stop off to buy a hamburger or pizza.
Now you use your diagnostic machine to find out which foods your body needs. You
find out you need more vegetables and less fat. Your food-preparation machine makes you a salad.
After lunch, you go down the hall to your home office. Here you have everything you need for doing your work. Thanks to your information screen and your new computer, you
almost never go into the office anymore.
The information screen shows an urgent message from a co-worker in Brazil. You set
the screen to translate Portuguese into English. As you wait, you think about later, when you'll have a movie transmitted. What movie should you order tonight?​


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like a boss by paramount pictures

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f(x) = 5 * ( 8/5) ^x

Step-by-step explanation:

f(x) = a b^x

Let x = 0

5 = a * b^0

5 = a*1

a = 5

Let x = 1

8 = 5 * b^1

Divide each side by 5

8/5 = b

f(x) = 5 * ( 8/5) ^x


Well, Your best answer would be is Greece. Because, The Thermopylae is where the mountain pass was near of the sea in the northern Greece was in site of several battles. Good Luck!

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Borders built around people with similar ideologies are most likely to be stable.
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I’m pretty sure it’s Greece because that’s where they were told to fight. Thermopylae is in Greece. However, if you disagree- Persia would be a good alternate guess because they were from Persia and went to Greece.

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Make 6 questions of this reading (with answer) as soon as you can, please... i will give a brainlie...

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