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What’s the definition of appropriate and inappropriate


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adjective: correct or right for a particular situation or occasion

verb 1: to take and use for a purpose

verb 2: appropriate also means to steal


unsuitable, esp. for the particular time, place, or situation:

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(1) To move out or away in some direction or toward some goal

(2) An organized work stoppage by employees, generally members of a trade union

(3) In baseball, a pitch missed by a batter


So, here we are given five meanings of the word strike.

To find out which ones are used in paragraph, we need to study the context of sentences.

In the first sentence, we see that Judd left his town and headed out to Tacoma, probably in search for work, better life or new opportunities. Whatever the cause may be, the most appropriate definition would be "to move out or away in some direction or toward some goal".

Next, we find the word strike in describing factory workers' plans. They were probably dissatisfied with their working conditions or salary, so they decided to organize a work stoppage as a sign of protest.

Finally, we see this word again in the end of a paragraph when Judd uses a metaphor to compare life with baseball. The use of baseball terminology suggests that the best definition for this word is "In baseball, a pitch missed by a batter".

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D) symbolic interventionist perspective


The symbolic interaction is a theory that states the members of the society learn t understand though the interaction with symbols and that also includes the letters of our languages and words are merely sounds and human acts are merely behaviors.
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It is very appropriate to call the time period between 1300 and 1650 a Scientific Revolution because in that period a series of events marked the emergence of modern science. Developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry completely transformed society.

It was demonstrated that the planet earth was not the centre of the universe, but an orbit around the sun and shared a placement with other planets made from the same changeable substances.

Newton developed the theory of gravitation in 1679. He started to consider gravitation and its effect on the orbits of planets.

Johannes Kepler published Astronomiae Pars Optica where he described the inverse-square law governing the intensity of light, reflection by flat and curved mirrors, and principles of pinhole cameras, as well as the astronomical implications of optics such as parallax and the apparent sizes of heavenly bodies.

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Stike (v) To hit somebody or something

Strike(n) An organized work stoppage by employees, generally members of a trade union.


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