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What term is used to describe state-sponsored attackers that are used for launching computer attacks against their foes?


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Absolute Mayhem is it.

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Which of the following resources would best you to correct an awkward sentence structure? a) writing fiction: a guide to narrative craft b) story trumps structure: how to write unforgettable fiction by breaking the rules c) artful sentences d) the artist’s way
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Which statement best explains how the setting affects the meaning of the story? a. the water and wave motif conveys the queasy feeling the narrator has when walking alone at night. b. the firefly light conveys a feeling of nostalgia for long summer evenings spent with family. c. the phrase whispering and murmurs" suggests that the main character has fits of madness. d. the comparison of the street to a graveyard suggests that something is terribly wrong with society.
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Me ! it's e2020! review the line from karin slaughter's npr interview."and with each page, that's what i try to do- is say something different about the character, something different in the reactions when they find these horrible things that are happening, or they figure out a piece of the puzzle."how does this view contract with lee child's central idea in "a simple way to create suspense"? a • child feels that the characters are not important to the plot. slaughter feels characters are central. b • child feels that characters must be unattractive and uninteresting. slaughter feels they must have reactions. c • slaughter builds suspense through her characters. child builds suspense by delaying answers. d • slaughter builds suspense by writing puzzles. child builds suspense by telling anecdotes. ​
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Read this sentence:somebody save the smoke! the nomadic tribes move to a new location each season. which word provides a clue to the meaning of nomadic? new season move location
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What term is used to describe state-sponsored attackers that are used for launching computer attacks...

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