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What does each line mean? * do 9-24. some are combined together as one.*

What does each line mean? * do 9-24. some are combined together as one.*


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Line 9 means dream but not just dream, instead be realistic and be goal oriented function in both good situations and bad and realize that you will have both throughout your life.Line 10 means you're patient and you can tolerate things even lies that are being told to you

Line 11 and 12 means victory and an event that causes great damage.

Line 13 and 14 means tolerate the fact that people have twisted your words or wrecked your projects, rebuild your projects and rebuild your life again when necessary

Line 15 and 16 mean an old-fashioned word for dishonest men,build them up rebuild the broken parts of your life.

Line 17,18,19,and 20 mean risk everything you have, lose it and then start all over again without complaints

Line 21 and 22 mean not to give up when you feel weakened physically and mentally hang in there.

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What does each line mean? * do 9-24. some are combined together as one.*

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