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Make a story from words focus robot tulip camel salad resident spinach climates tradition innocent


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I had to focus on the tv sereis ''The dawn of robots''. But my mom called me in for dinner we had camel meat with salad and spinach. The whole time I sat there and looked at the tulips on the table in disgust. Sure it wasn't  a traditional  meal but one of the residents from eygpt as an exchange student was staying with us. She smiled inncocetly as she goobled up the food. THE END

Answer from: FreddyNoTalKing

I could hear my little brother playing with his robot toy outside. I wasn't going to watch him because nothing really happens in our small, urban resident. I tossed the spinach salad in a bowl as my brother threw the toy robot unto the ground. Tiny explosion noises pushed past his lips made me giggle. I don't see how he could play outside in such a hot climate. The tulips were even sagging in the sunlight, dying from the heat reflecting off the window. We might as well be in a desert riding a camel and wearing thick shawls with gourdes of water. This is why I am enjoying the cool air inside with my salad.

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the group received an extra pound of butter for christmas.

the annex was delighted to hear that we'll all be receiving an extra quarter pound of butter for christmas.

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There is no list or tables and charts for me to answer your question

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Make a story from words focus robot tulip camel salad resident spinach climates tradition innocent...

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