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  me!                                                                                                                         27. which of these is an objective case pronoun? (1 point) a. who b. whose c. whoever d. whomever 28. which of these is nearest in connotative meaning to the word brave? (1 point) a. foolhardy b. presumptuous c. courageous d. pushy

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Which of the following is developed in a short story through conflict and plot development? character dialogue exposition setting
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It was fifteen minutes before i could work myself up to go and humble myself to a ; but i done it, and i warn’t ever sorry for it afterwards, neither. i didn’t do him no more mean tricks, and i wouldn’t done that one if i’d a knowed it would make him feel that way. in at least one hundred words, describe what central theme in the adventures of huckleberry finn emerges in this excerpt, and how its emergence relates to the social norms of the time.
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Each pair of sentences can be combined to create one compound sentence. determine which choice best combines them. refinishing furniture is a creative hobby. not everyone loves to scour garage sales to find old items. going to flea markets can you to notice unique qualities in used items. beauty can be found where you least expect it. specialized equipment can make the refinishing process easier. painting the furniture can be creative with the right tools. some people like refinishing old furniture. others prefer buying new items.
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What is the meaning of the word "caches" as it is used in paragraph 6
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