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C) Also known as moral philosophy, Et hics is a branch of phil osophy which seeks to address questions about morality; that is, about concepts like good and bad, right and wrong, justice, virtue, etc. There is quite a number of approaches to the study of ethical issues. With clear illustrations, compare and contrast Duty-based and Out come – based ethics

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If a particle moves along a path such that r : (3 sin t) m and ? : 2t rad, where t is in seconds. what is the particle's acceleration in m/s in 4 seconds? a)- 16.43 b)- 16.29 c)- 15.21 d)- 13.79
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During a steady flow process, the change of energy with respect to time is zero. a)- true b)- false
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Water at 55c flows across a flat plate whose surface temperature is held constant at 95c. if the temperature gradient at the plate's surface for a given value of x is 18 c/mm, find a) local heat transfer coefficient. b) heat flux
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An external consultant recommends that a plant installs a bank of capacitors for power factor correction. this will reduce the peak electrical demand charges by an average of 93 kw every month. the plant current pays $13 per kw in peak demand charges. the capacitor bank will include 223 kw of fixed capacitors, and 183 of variable capacitors. the fixed capacitors cost $59 per kw, and the variable capacitors will cost $65 per kw. the consultant charges 21% of the equipment costs to install the capacitors. because this project will reduce the demand for the electric utility, they are prepared to provide a one-time rebate of $42 per kw of reduced demand. what is the simple payback period for this project (in years)?
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C) Also known as moral philosophy, Et hics is a branch of phil osophy which seeks to address quest...

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