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What are the potential problems with the ag gag laws

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Two technicians are discussing the intake air temperature (iat) sensor. technician a says that the computer uses the iat sensor as a backup to the engine coolant temperature (ect) sensor. technician b says that the powertrain control module (pcm) will subtract the calculated amount of fuel if the air measures hot. who is correct
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Different types of steels contain different elements that alter the characteristics of the steel. for each of the following elements, explain what the element does when alloyed with steel.
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Water in a partially filled large tank is to be supplied to the roof top, which is 8 m above the water level in the tank, through a 2.2-cm-internal-diameter pipe by maintaining a constant air pressure of 300 kpa (gage) in the tank. if the head loss in the piping is 2 m of water, determine the discharge rate of the supply of water to the roof top in liters per second.
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You are making beer. the first step is filling the glass carboy with the liquid wort. the internal diameter of the carboy is 15 in., and you wish to fill it up to a depth of 2 ft. if your wort is drawn from the kettle using a siphon process that flows at 3 gpm, how long will it take to fill?
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What are the potential problems with the ag gag laws...

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