Write a method so that the main() code below can be replaced by the simpler code that calls method original main(): public class calcmiles { public static void main(string [] args) { double milesperhour; double minutestraveled; double hourstraveled; double milestraveled; milesprhour = scnr. nextdouble(); minutestraveled = scnr. nextdouble(); hourstraveled = minutestraveled / 60.0; milestraveled = hourstraveled * milesperhour; system. out. println("miles: " + milestraveled); } }


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The JAVA program after simplification is as below.

import java.util.Scanner;

public class CalcMiles {


   // variables declaration

   static double milesPerHour;

   static double minutesTraveled;      

   static double hoursTraveled;

   static double milesTraveled;


   // method declared static

   public static void mphAndMinutesToMiles(double speed, double mins)


       // computations to calculate distance travelled

       hoursTraveled = mins / 60.0;

       milesTraveled = hoursTraveled * speed;


       // result displayed on the screen  

     System.out.println("Miles: " + milesTraveled);



   // Scanner object created inside main()

   // user input taken inside main()

   public static void main(String [] args)


       Scanner scnr = new Scanner(;

       System.out.println("Enter miles travelled per hour ");

       milesPerHour = scnr.nextDouble();

       System.out.println("Enter minutes required to travel ");

       minutesTraveled = scnr.nextDouble();


       mphAndMinutesToMiles(milesPerHour, minutesTraveled);





Enter miles travelled per hour  


Enter minutes required to travel  


Miles: 47.30333333333333


The program is simplified as explained below.

1. User input is taken using the object of Scanner class.

2. This object of Scanner class can only be created inside main() method hence, user input can only be taken inside main().

3. The code to calculate the result is separated in another method, mphAndMinutesToMiles(). This method is declared with return type void since no value is returned.

4. After user input is taken in main() for miles travelled per hour and minutes required to travel, these values are passed as parameters to the mphAndMinutesToMiles() method.

5. These parameters are used in calculation part. The total miles travelled in total hours (obtained from minutes), is calculated. The code to display the result is added to this method.

6. Inside the main method, only the code to create Scanner object, code to take user input for two variables and code to call the mphAndMinutesToMiles() is included.

7. The variables are declared as static and declared at class level.

8. No variable is declared inside any of the two methods.

Answer from: ashl3yisbored

int main(void)


  double milesPerHour = 70.0;

  double minutesTraveled = 100.0;

  double hoursTraveled;

  double milesTraveled;

  hoursTraveled = minutesTraveled / 60.0;

  milesTraveled = hoursTraveled * milesPerHour;

  printf("Miles: %lf\n", milesTraveled);

   return 0;


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Answer from: tanviknawale

The simpler code for the given main () code is shown below. For this, calculate the hours and miles before the main function and store them in the separate variables and after this, use these variables in main () code. The below complete code is written in Java which  reduce the given main () code and also make it simple.

Further Explaination:


import java.util.Scanner;

public class CalcMiles


/*Your solution starts here */

//Define the method calcMilesTraveled().

Public double calcMilesTraveled (double mph, double minutesTravelled)


//Declare required variables.

Double hoursTravelled = 0.0;

Double milesTravelled = 0.0;

//Calculate the hours travelled and miles travelled.

hoursTravelled = minutesTravelled / 60.0;

milesTravelled = hoursTravelled * mph;

//The total miles travelled in return.

Return milesTravelled;


public static void main(String [] args)


double milesPerHour = 70.0;

double minsTravelled = 100.0;

CalcMiles tripCalculator = new CalcMiles();

System.out.println("Miles: " + tripCalculator.calcMilesTraveled (milesPerHour, minsTraveled));




Run the program, the output will be look like as below:

Miles: 116.66666666666667

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