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How to calculate the Zeff of Si (silicon), the answer is 4.15 but how?

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Which sentence best describes the formation of igneous rock? a- lava on the surface dries up and makes arock b_melted rocks cools and forms crystals c_rocks under tremendous heat and pressure d_magma is melted rock underground
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1) which of the following is the best example of a physical change? a) sugar dissolving in tea b) firefly glowing 2) in the combustion of ethane, what is/are the reactants? c2h6 + o2 ==> co2 + h2o a) c2h6 and o2 b) co2 and c2h6
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Match the formula for the following compound:   magnesium sulfate heptahydratemgs·7h2omg2so4·7h2omg(s o4)2·7h2omgso4·7h2o
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What is the reaction between an acid and a base
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How to calculate the Zeff of Si (silicon), the answer is 4.15 but how?...

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