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To synthesize a protein how many water molecules per amino acids used?

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The diagram shows the positions of the sun, moon and earth during spring tides, when the high tides are at their highest and low tides at their lowest. what is it about these positions that causes these high and low tides?
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24. a sports ball is inflated to an internal pressure of 1.85 atm at room temperature (25 °c). if the ball is then played with outside where the temperature is 7.5 °c, what will be the new pressure of the ball? assume the ball does not change in volume nor does any air leak from the ball a) 0.555 atm b) 1.74 atm c) 1.85 atm d) 1.97 atm
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What type of electromagnetic radiation has a shorter wavelength than blue light
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In the cathode ray tube experiment, j. j. thomson passed an electric current through different gases inside a cathode ray tube in the presence of an electric field. in which two ways did this experiment change scientists’ understanding of the atom?
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To synthesize a protein how many water molecules per amino acids used?...

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