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If accounts receivable have increased during the period:.

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Jason started last week with $900 in his checking account. during the week, he wrote the checks below. at the end of the week, jason received a paycheck for $534.59. he recorded all of these transactions in his check register. trans typ./ check no. date description of transaction payment/ debit deposit/ credit (+) balance 900 00 241 12/4 miller's food market 53.21 53 21 groceries 846 79 242 12/7 frank's auto parts 24.05 24 05 oil and filter 822 74 243 12/8 mike's barber shop 15.00 15 00 haircut 807 74 deposit 12/9 paycheck 534.59 534 59 1,342 33 evaluate jason's check register. a. jason did a good job; everything is correct. b. the final balance is wrong; jason did not add everything correctly. c. jason should have written debit instead of deposit for the transaction type. d. jason entered the amount for his paycheck in the wrong column.
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The following are budgeted data: january february march sales in units 16,200 22,400 19,200 production in units 19,200 20,200 18,700 one pound of material is required for each finished unit. the inventory of materials at the end of each month should equal 20% of the following month's production needs. purchases of raw materials for february would be budgeted to be:
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Which of the following statements is correct? stockholders should generally be happier than bondholders to have managers invest in risky projects with high potential returns as opposed to safe projects with lower expected returns. potential conflicts between stockholders and bondholders are increased if a firm's bonds are convertible into its common stock. takeovers are most likely to be attempted if the target firm’s stock price is above its intrinsic value. one advantage of operating a business as a corporation is that stockholders can deduct their pro rata share of the taxes the firm pays, thereby eliminating the double taxation investors would face in a partnership.
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The huntington boys and girls club is conducting a fundraiser by selling chili dinners to go. the price is $7 for an adult meal and $4 for a child’s meal. write a program that accepts the number of adult meals ordered and then children's meals ordered. display the total money collected for adult meals, children’s meals, and all meals.
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If accounts receivable have increased during the period:....

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