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Estimated manufacturing overhead for the year $30,000 Estimated direct labor hours for the year 2,000 Two jobs were worked on during the year: Job A-101 and Job A-102. The number of direct labor-hours spent on Job A-101 and Job A-102 were 1,200 and 1,000, respectively. The actual manufacturing overhead was $37,000. What is the predetermined manufacturing overhead rate per direct labor hour for the year

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Ursus, inc., is considering a project that would have a five-year life and would require a $1,650,000 investment in equipment. at the end of five years, the project would terminate and the equipment would have no salvage value. the project would provide net operating income each year as follows (ignore income taxes.):
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Which maxim is being neglected in the following conversation? eli: how did you do at the track meet? caleb: i came in second place! eli: congratulations! what was your time? caleb: six minutes, four seconds. the guy who won only beat me by three seconds. eli: really? katie said the winning time was under 6 minutes. caleb: oh, well, he might have beat me by five seconds. a)maxim of quantity b)maxim of quality c)maxim of relevance d)maxim of manner
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The following cost and inventory data are taken from the accounting records of mason company for the year just completed: costs incurred: direct labor cost $ 90,000 purchases of raw materials $ 134,000 manufacturing overhead $ 205,000 advertising expense $ 45,000 sales salaries $ 101,000 depreciation, office equipment $ 225,000 beginning of the year end of the year inventories: raw materials $ 8,100 $ 10,300 work in process $ 5,900 $ 21,000 finished goods $ 77,000 $ 25,800 required: 1. prepare a schedule of cost of goods manufactured. 2. prepare the cost of goods sold section of mason company’s income statement for the year.
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Estimated manufacturing overhead for the year $30,000 Estimated direct labor hours for the year 2,00...

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