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You get your first paycheck and notice that a percentage of your money has gone to taxes. your employer explains that everyone has to pay taxes. why do you have to pay taxes? what would happen if you did not pay taxes? what type of taxes do you currently have to pay and why?


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You need to pay because the money will be sent to the govt & the govt will use the money to pay other jobs i.e. garbage man, snow clearing etc.

If you don't pay taxes you will be confronted by the govt & will go to jail as a consequence.
Although, if you have an issue for not paying the taxes; unemployed then the govt will assist you.

The type of taxes that you have to pay is for groceries, federal tax given to the federal govt, & payroll tax; paying a min wage salary from pay-check.

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gross income is what you will get without taxes being taken out , or anything being taken out. adjusted income is when your taxes are taken out and that is what you will get .

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The money you paid on taxes goes to numerous spots. In addition to paying the wages of government laborers, your assessment dollars additionally help to help normal assets, for example, police and firemen. Tax money guarantees the streets you travel on are protected and well-kept up. Taxes support open libraries and parks.

In the event that you don't file taxes, you'll face an inability to-record punishment. The punishment is 5 percent of your unpaid taxes for every month your taxation form is late, up to 25 percent. Besides, on the off chance that you record over 60 days late, you'll pay at least $135 or 100 percent of the taxes you owe (whichever is less).

Three kinds of federal taxes are to be paid on wage and salary income:

Income taxSocial Security taxMedicare tax.

Income tax pays for roads, government related construction, motorways etc.

The Social Security tax pays for the retirement, disability etc.

Medicare tax pays for the use of government health care facilities.

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The taxes that take the percentage of your pay are based on your income. The higher the income the higher the taxes. These are the the taxes that enable you to have things such as social security or similar. Various countries have various reasons for them. Many European countries give free education and free healthcare to those who pay income taxes. If your employer wasn't giving them to the country, he could be arrested for tax evasion, same as you. If you're a kid, your parents pay those taxes and you get all the benefits.

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You get your first paycheck and notice that a percentage of your money has gone to taxes. your emplo...

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