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Ahospital purchases a $500,000 magnetic resonance imaging (mri) machine that has a useful life of 9 years. the salvage value at the end of 9 years is $77,000. (a) write a linear equation that describes the value y (in dollars) of the mri machine in terms of the time t (in years), 0 ≤ t ≤ 9. (b) find the value, in dollars, of the machine after 6 years. $ (c) find the time, in years, when the value of the equipment will be $140,000. (round your answer to two decimal places.) yr


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For this case you could write a generic linear equation that determines the value in dollars after a number of years corresponding to the interval [0, 9]. Writing the equation we have
 y = a * t + b with t [0, 9]
 a and b with constants that belong to the real numbers
 t: it's time in years
 y: the value in dollars of the mri machine.
 y = a * t + b with t [0, 9]

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Ahospital purchases a $500,000 magnetic resonance imaging (mri) machine that has a useful life of 9...

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