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Kinc. has provided the following data for the month of may: inventories: beginning ending work in process $ 17,000 $ 12,000 finished goods $ 46,000 $ 50,000 additional information: direct materials $ 57,000 direct labor cost $ 87,000 manufacturing overhead cost incurred $ 63,000 manufacturing overhead cost applied to work in process $ 61,000 any underapplied or overapplied manufacturing overhead is closed out to cost of goods sold. the adjusted cost of goods sold that appears on the income statement for may is:


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Giving the following information:


Beginning  Work in process $ 17,000

Ending WIP= $ 12,000

Beginning Finished goods $ 46,000

Ending Finished goods $ 50,000

Additional information:

Direct materials $ 57,000

Direct labor cost $ 87,000

Manufacturing overhead cost incurred $ 63,000

Manufacturing overhead cost applied $ 61,000

First, we need to calculate the cost of goods manufactured:

cost of goods manufactured= beginning WIP + direct materials + direct labor + allocated manufacturing overhead - Ending WIP

cost of goods manufactured= 17000 + 57000 + 87000 + 61000 - 12000= 210,000

COGS= beginning finished inventory + cost of goods manufactured - ending finished inventory

COGS= 46000 + 210000 - 50000 = 206,000

Adjusted COGS= COGS + under-allocated overhead= 206000 + 2000= 208,000

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Kinc. has provided the following data for the month of may: inventories: beginning ending work in...

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