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Upon completion of the northwest-corner rule, which source-destination cell is guaranteed to be occupied? a. top-leftb. the cell with the lowest shipping costc. bottom-leftd. top-righte. bottom-right


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1/2 , 2/3 , 5/6

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The answer is B “Red, infrared, gamma”

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Sean has placed a job ad and is now interviewing potential employees. which of the following questions is he legally allowed to ask during the interview? do you have any disabilities that will require special accommodation? how many children do you have? where did you earn your degree and how has it prepared you for this position? is this your maiden name that you have listed on the job application?
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Lane company manufactures a single product and applies overhead cost to that product using standard direct labor-hours. the budgeted variable manufacturing overhead is $2 per direct labor-hour and the budgeted fixed manufacturing overhead is $480,000 per year. the standard quantity of materials is 3 pounds per unit and the standard cost is $7 per pound. the standard direct labor-hours per unit is 1.5 hours and the standard labor rate is $12 per hour. the company planned to operate at a denominator activity level of 60,000 direct labor-hours and to produce 40,000 units of product during the most recent year. actual activity and costs for the year were as follows:
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Lusk corporation produces and sells 14,300 units of product x each month. the selling price of product x is $25 per unit, and variable expenses are $19 per unit. a study has been made concerning whether product x should be discontinued. the study shows that $72,000 of the $102,000 in monthly fixed expenses charged to product x would not be avoidable even if the product was discontinued. if product x is discontinued, the annual financial advantage (disadvantage) for the company of eliminating this product should be:
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Upon completion of the northwest-corner rule, which source-destination cell is guaranteed to be occu...

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