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In a market economy, supply and demand are important because theya. (i) play a critical role in the allocation of the economy's scarce resources. b. (ii) determine how much of each good gets produced. c. (iii) can be used to predict the impact on the economy of various events and policies. d. all of (i), (ii), and (iii) are correct.


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All of the above are correct

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An investment counselor calls with a hot stock tip. he believes that if the economy remains​ strong, the investment will result in a profit of ​$40 comma 00040,000. if the economy grows at a moderate​ pace, the investment will result in a profit of ​$10 comma 00010,000. ​however, if the economy goes into​ recession, the investment will result in a loss of ​$40 comma 00040,000. you contact an economist who believes there is a 2020​% probability the economy will remain​ strong, a 7070​% probability the economy will grow at a moderate​ pace, and a 1010​% probability the economy will slip into recession. what is the expected profit from this​ investment?
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Ryan fabrication allocates manufacturing overhead to each job using departmental overhead rates.​ ryan's operations are divided into a metal casting department and a metal finishing department. the casting department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $52 per machine​ hour, while the finishing department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $28 per direct labor hour. job a216 used the following direct labor hours and machine hours in the two​ departments: actual results casting department finishing department direct labor hours used 5 12 machine hours used 4 3 the cost for direct labor is​ $32 per direct labor hour and the cost of the direct materials used by job a216 is​ $1,800. what was the total cost of job a216 if ryan fabrication used the departmental overhead rates to allocate manufacturing​ overhead?
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The head of the accounting department at a major software manufacturer has asked you to put together a pro forma statement of the company's value under several possible growth scenarios and the assumption that the company’s many divisions will remain a single entity forever. the manager is concerned that, despite the fact that the firm’s competitors are comparatively small, collectively their annual revenue growth has exceeded "50 percent" over each of the last five years. she has requested that the value projections be based on the firm’s current profits of $5.1 billion (which have yet to be paid out to stockholders) and the average interest rate over the past 20 years (6 percent) in each of the following profit growth scenarios: a. profits grow at an annual rate of 8 percent. (this one is tricky.) instructions: round your responses to 2 decimal places. b. profits grow at an annual rate of 3 percent. billion c. profits grow at an annual rate of 0 percent. billion d. profits decline at an annual rate of 4 percent. billion
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In 2000, campbell soup company launched an ad campaign that showed prepubescent boys offering soup to prepubescent girls. the girls declined because they were concerned about their calorie intake. the boys explained that “lots of campbell’s soups are low in calories,” which made them ok for the girls to eat. the ads were pulled after parents expressed concern. why were parents worried? i
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In a market economy, supply and demand are important because theya. (i) play a critical role in the...

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