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Which of the following best describes vertical integration? a. produce goods or services previously purchasedb. develop the ability to produce products that complement the original productc. develop the ability to produce the specified good more efficiently than befored. build long term partnerships with a few supplierse. sell products to a supplier or a distributor


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A vertical integration is where a company owns another company in the same production line.

For example a company that bakes bread has a farm where wheat is cultivated, a marketing company and retail locations for the sale of the bread.

The advantages of Vertical integration include:

a. It reduces costs.

b. It increases efficiency.

c. It gives the firm greater control of the production process.

A major disadvantage of vertical integration is it requires huge capital outlay.

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a company acquires competing businesses and merges them into a single entity

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A. the control of production from raw materials to sale and production


A plan of action where a company controls its suppliers and distributors is called vertical integration. The strategy of vertical integration allowing the companies to control the process, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

For example, Netflix, which started as a DVD rental company, but now it uses its distribution to promote their created content alongside films from major studios.

Besides, the benefit of vertical integration, it has its disadvantages. In this integration, significant amounts of investment are required.

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The answer is Dun Dun Dudun Dun Dudun DUN

The answer is a company acquires competing businesses and merges them into a single entity

Hope this helps lol!!

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The cladistical analysis refers to the reconstruction of the evolutionary trees. The relationship among the organisms are hypothesized in cladistical analysis.

The theory of endosymbiosis explains the interdependent relationship of two organisms when one is ingested by the other and it result in a permanent relationship. The theory of epigenetics is concerned with the control of the gene activity in the developing complex organisms.

The modern synthesis explains the fusion of the Darwin's evolution theory, and the Mendelian genetics. Hence, the answer is 'Option A - the modern synthesis'.

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The correct answer is D.

Horizontal integration is the process through which business which operate in the same stage of the value chain are merged and conform a single entity. These businesses can belong to the same industry (competitors) or to different industries (relationship of indifference among them).

Horizontal integration of firms within the same industry can be considered illegal under the provisions of the Sherman Antitrust Act, as it constitutes a practice that prevents competition.

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Based on the information you gave me the best that would fit is A due to the fact that vertical integration means β€œthe combination in one company of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate companies.”
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Horizontal integration is the acquisition of additional business activities that are at the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries. This can be achieved by internal expansion through a reinvestment of operating profits or by external expansion through a merger or acquisition (M&A). Since the different firms integrating are involved in the same stage of production, horizontal integration allows them to share resources at that level.
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Its A. modern synthesis

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Which of the following best describes vertical integration? a. produce goods or services previously...

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