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Jerome is training to be a vacuum cleaner sales person. initially, he got paid for each customer he called on, even if the customer did not ask for a demonstration. currently, he only gets paid for actually demonstrating the product. eventually, he will only get paid for actually closing a sale. in this example, jerome's sales skills are being developed through the use of

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You have just received notification that you have won the $2.0 million first prize in the centennial lottery. however, the prize will be awarded on your 100th birthday (assuming you're around to collect), 66 years from now. what is the present value of your windfall if the appropriate discount rate is 8 percent?
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What is the second step in communication planning? determine the purpose of the message outline the communication for delivery determine the best channel of communication clarify objectives identify the audience
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Perry is a freshman, he estimates that the cost of tuition, books, room and board, transportation, and other incidentals will be $30000 this year. he expects these costs to rise about $1500 each year while he is in college. if it will take him 5 years to earn his bs, what is the present cost of his degree at an interest rate of 6%? if he earns and extra $10000 annually for 40 years, what is the present worth of his degree.?
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Walking through the grocery store, ramon sees a "buy 2, get 1 free" deal on laundry detergent. even though he currently has plenty of detergent he decides to take home all three bottles. ramon's decision seems to have been based mostly on his immediate need for the detergent the low price of alternative brands the limited income he presently earns the sale price offered for the detergent
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Jerome is training to be a vacuum cleaner sales person. initially, he got paid for each customer he...

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