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What type of insurance protects a business against injuries on the premises? question 3 options: a) workers' compensation b)comprehensive general liability c)health d)property

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Aproduction order quantity problem has a daily demand rate = 10 and a daily production rate = 50. the production order quantity for this problem is approximately 612 units. what is the average inventory for this problem?
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On december 31, 2013, coronado company issues 173,000 stock-appreciation rights to its officers entitling them to receive cash for the difference between the market price of its stock and a pre-established price of $10. the fair value of the sars is estimated to be $5 per sar on december 31, 2014; $2 on december 31, 2015; $10 on december 31, 2016; and $8 on december 31, 2017. the service period is 4 years, and the exercise period is 7 years. prepare a schedule that shows the amount of compensation expense allocable to each year affected by the stock-appreciation rights plan.
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Amonopolist’s inverse demand function is p = 150 – 3q. the company produces output at two facilities; the marginal cost of producing at facility 1 is mc1(q1) = 6q1, and the marginal cost of producing at facility 2 is mc2(q2) = 2q2.a. provide the equation for the monopolist’s marginal revenue function. (hint: recall that q1 + q2 = q.)mr(q) = 150 - 6 q1 - 3 q2b. determine the profit-maximizing level of output for each facility. output for facility 1: output for facility 2: c. determine the profit-maximizing price.$
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Janis owns and operates a store in a country experiencing a high rate of inflation. in order to prevent the value of money in her cash register from falling too quickly, janis sends an employee to the bank four times per day to make deposits in a interest-bearing account that protects the store's revenues from the effects of inflation. this is an example of the (menu costs/ unit of account costs/ shoesleather costs) of inflation. pick one
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What type of insurance protects a business against injuries on the premises? question 3 options: a...

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