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What interferes with river flow?

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Do you think the gene eef1 alpha1 supports cell theory? explain your response.
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Hormones are chemical molecules produced by endocrine glands. one such endocrine gland is the thyroid gland, which synthesizes the thyroid hormone, which in turn affects the heart muscles. which two statements describe the probable reason for the function of the hormone? the cells in the heart have specific receptors that allow for the intake of hormones. the heart and the endocrine glands have the exact same types of cells. all cells make the same types of hormones. thyroid hormones show their effect on the heart by means of specialized cells. thyroid cells and cardiac cells have different dna.
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Abody cell has been growing and at synthesis proteins. in the nucleus of this body cell, dna replication is taking place. and a copy of the cells genetic material is copied. which of the following is the best conclusion you can make about the life cycle of this cell ? a) the cell is ready to undergo mitosis. and a chemical signal will send the cell to prophase b)the cell is undergoing meiosis and will cross over the genetic material next c)the cell is in the s phase of interphase and will move next to the g2 phase d) the cell is in the g2 phase of the interphase and is ready to begin diving
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Are the layers of rock above and below the coal older or younger?
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What interferes with river flow?...

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