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Help it’s multiple choice

Help it’s multiple choice


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cell 1 to cell 2


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1. Blood type in humans is controlled by 3 alleles with an additional Rh factor that determines shape of blood cells.
2. The chance will be 1 in 4 or 25%.
3. tt represents a homozygous recessive genotype
4. Blood types in humans are an example of multiple alleles and pink flowers from red and white flowers is an example of incomplete dominance.
5. Older rock layers like below successively young rock layers.
6. Evolution is the change in hereditary features over time.
7. Y chromosome in only present in males.
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D. Eukaryotic DNA is much larger and replication at multiple origins helps reduce the time required for whole genomes to replicate.

Due to the high amount of material to be replicated, there are multiple origin sites. DNA replication can independently initiated at each origin site and terminate at corresponding termination sites. Therefore, DNA replication at each origin site takes place simultaneously. This, reduces the time for replication of entire genome.


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1. It involves multiple trials

2. 2 red: 2 white

3. Process 1 describes cloning and process 2 describes artificial selection

4. Furry Feet

5. Large scale insulin could be produced in relatively lesser time

6. A lowercase letter

7. 0%

8. rr

9. 50%

10. The allele for white flowers is recessive in the pea plant


1. Repetition, this means to do over and over. This would involve multiple trials and this is done to test the reliability of the results and determine if the hypothesis holds true or not.

2. If you put your cross in a Punnett square it would look like this:

      R    r                            

r     Rr   rr                          

r     Rr   rr

Based on your problem: R = red; r = white

If the genotype would have a dominant allele (R), then the dominant trait will come out, if it has only recessive alleles (r) then the recessive trait will come out. So as you can see there are 2 red and 2 white. So the ratio would be 2:2 or 1:1.

3. Process 1 is considered as cloning, and to be more specific, reproductive cloning. The aim of this is to produce an offspring that has the same genetic make up as the original or parent organism. Process 2 is an example of artificial selection. This is also known as selective breeding where breeders choose certain traits to pass on to the off springs by selecting the organisms that have the traits desired.

4. Furry feet of polar bears provide them extra traction when they walk on snow. The fur also provides extra warmth. They also have foot pads on the soles of their feet that help them as well. Together, polar bear have something that works like snow boots.

5. Large-scale insulin could be produced in relatively lesser time because bacteria reproduce through asexual means. They produce copies of themselves that are genetically identical. An advantage of asexual reproduction is the process occurs in a much faster rate. With that said, insulin supply would increase, which will help many diabetic patients.

6. Recessive alleles in a genotype are represented by a lowercase letter. On the other hand, dominant alleles are represented by a capital letter. Squares and circles are used in pedigree charts to represent the whole genotype of an organism for a specific trait.

7. The answer would be 0% because cystic fibrosis is a RECESSIVE gene disorder. For it to be expressed or observable in an individual , they should have two recessive alleles. As you can see in the end result, none of the offsprings have 2 recessive alleles. The genotype Aa, has a recessive allele, but it will not be expressed because the dominant trait will mask it.

8. When we talk about homozygous, this means the alleles are the same. And when you say heterozygous, this means that the organism would have a dominant and recessive allele. the recessive llele is represented by a lowercase letter. So if the organism is homozygous recessive, the genotype would have two lowercase letters. (rr)

9. The scenario shows the genotype is pp. This means that the pea plant is homozygous recessive. As explained before, recessive traits are represented by lowercase letters. So this would mean that the white color is a recessive trait. The answer would then be the allele for white flowers is recessive in the pea plant.

10. Mitosis and meiosis are both forms of cell division. Mitosis produces daughter cells that are exactly the same as the parent cell, while Meiosis produces daughter cells that are different. They produce what we call haploid cells, which has only half the chromosomes of the parent cell. Gametes or sex cells are produced through meiosis, while body cells are produced through mitosis.

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Multiple trials reduce the impact of random measurement errors on the overall results.


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A.Polygenic inheritance results in offspring with only recessive alleles, while multiple allele inheritance results in offspring with both dominant and recessive alleles.

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Carbohydrates are made up of starchy monomers and are used for structure, protection, and reproduction.

Amino Acid


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