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f. ree points
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1) G-T-L; 2) RF = 15.375mu; 3) RF = 10.125 mu; 4)RF = 25.5 mu; 5) Interference = 63.873%

Explanation: 1) To define the order of genes, we have to identify no-crossovers, single crossovers and double crossovers among the genotype numbers. Because there is a higher probability of not having crossover, the genotype with higher number will be no crossover. On the other hand, the offsprings with the lowest numbers will be double crossover. So,

no crossover: GgLlTt and gglltt;double crossover: GgLltt and ggllTt;

In order for this last two to be a double crossover, comparing to the no crossover, the allele T must be in the center. Thus, the order is G-T-L.

The others are single crossovers.

2) Recombination frequency (or fraction) is a percentage of recombination an allele can have. It can also determine the distance between genes.

The recombination fraction between G and T is: RF = (\frac{P+R}{T}) . 100

where P is the double crossover between G and T and R is the single crossover between the same genes;

Single crossover G-T = 121+116

RF₁ = \frac{9+237}{1600} . 100 = 15.375 mu (map unit)

3) RF for T-L:

In this case, P is the double crossover between T and L and R is the single crossover between them:

Single crossover T-L = 78 + 75 = 153

RF₂ = \frac{153+9}{1600} .100 = 10.125 mu

Note: T represents the total of individuals from the experiment, in this case T = 1600.

4) As the order of the genes is G-T-L and RF also represents the distance between genes, the recombination fraction between G and L is

RF₃ = 15.375 + 10.125 = 25.5 mu.

5) Interference value = 1 - coefficient of coincidence

Coefficient of coincidence = \frac{observed double crossover}{expecteddoublecrossovers} . 100

Observed double crossover = \frac{9}{1600}·100 = 0.5625Expected double crossover = product of 2 single recombination value

expected double crossover = \frac{15.375.10.125}{100} = 1.557

coefficient of coincidence = \frac{0.5625}{1.557} . 100 = 36.127%

Interference value = 1 - 0.36127 = 0.63873

Interference value = 63.873%

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free range grazing has been proven to have more quality meat. plus free range gives the opportunity to have fertilizer and obviously the grazing for free range animals is hormone free

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the answer is c


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The correct answer is - 3285000 L.



Water required by 1 tree = 20 L/day for six months or 182.5 days of the year

Total number of plants = 900


The water required for all the plants for a single day:

900 x 20

= 18000/day

Required water for six months of the year would be

18000 x 182.5

= 3,285,000 L

Thus, the correct answer is -  3,285,000 L

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The correct answer is : temporal isolation.


Temporal isolation is a one type of prezygotic reproductive isolation in which the the prevention of mating of the two species takes place due to the time difference of breeding, this could be day difference, season difference,  or years difference.

Here in this example the reproductive isolation is taking place due to the difference in their mating time, where L. graminifolia flowers in the early spring and L. canadensis in different season of summer.

Thus, the correct answer is : temporal isolation.

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The lionfish will cause the biodiversity of the ecosystem that its in to decrease extremely because it will eat all of the other species, causing the ecosystem to crash and giving birth to atleast a hundred babies within a few weeks to a few months.

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