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Chitin is a chemical component of the cell walls


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Chitin is a chemical component of the cell walls of a Protozoa.
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1. false 2. false 3. true 4. not sure 5. b 6. b or d 7. not sure 8.not sure 9. not sure 10. c

lol sorry if i’m wrong on any i’m just using common sense
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In gram staining procedures, alcohol serve as the decolorizing agent.

The alcohol, being an organic solvent dissolves lipids present in the outer cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria, allowing the gram stain to leak out of the thinner peptidoglycan layer unlike in Gram-positive bacteria with thicker peptidoglycan layer

Thus, lipids are the chemical components affected by alcohol.

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#1 is false


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It's just H20 but with 3 water molecules

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The correct answer is D. A circle graph


Circle graphs are ideal to show the proportions of a whole. For example, the types of flowers found in an ecosystem. This is because circle graphs visually display all the parts that compose a population, phenomenon, etc. and the percentage of each, which are represented as proportions in a circle.

This would be ideal for Kenton because through this type of graph he can include all the chemical components of air and show appropriately the percentage or proportion of each. Also, other graphs do not fit Kenton's purpose; for example, line graphs are used to show change over time, and box-and-whisker plots are used to show factors such as the median of collected data.

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H2O with 3 water molecules

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Chitin is a chemical component of the cell walls...

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