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1)some people believe that certain drugs such as marijuana should be legalized. do you agree or disagree? 2)what impact might legalization have on forensic science as a field? which drug presents the greatest challenges to forensic science? why?


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to answer your first question, i  think it should not be legalized. so i guess you can say i disagree. to answer your second question, i have no idea.

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Designer drugs


Designer drugs are the type of drug that provides the greatest challenge for forensic healthcare professionals.

Designer drugs are drugs synthesized in order to reproduce the pharmacological effects of regulated substances and hinder global control strategies due to their modified chemical structure. The appearance of these substances, with toxicological information and risks of overdose, which often do not exist, is a major challenge for the government and national and international control laws. For the foreseic science, these substances are also a challenge due to the large number of analogous structures in their composition.

As an example of this type of drug we have LSD.

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The greatest challenge to forensic science isn't any one drug, but a combination of drugs and chemicals and their complex reactions. The longer the drug remains in the body, the more it is metabolized into another substance.
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Tobacco is the number one drug
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I think that drugs, like marijuana, should only be used fo medical purposes. I think that drugs can be very easily misused and that can be very damaging to the body. Also, with the legalization of drugs like marijuana, younger people have easier access to these drugs and this is detrimental to their development and their future. Legalization could have a big impact on forensic science as a field, as certain drugs, like marijuana, would be more widely used and would be involved in more crimes. This would make it harder for forensic scientists to possibly connect an individual to a crime because of how many users there are and because they are legal substances.

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1)some people believe that certain drugs such as marijuana should be legalized. do you agree or disa...

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