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Aclient with dysmenorrhea has been prescribed naproxen 1250 mg po b. i.d. what is the nurse's best action?


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The best action of the nurse at that time is that she should ask the doctor about the dose of the naproxen 1250 mg po.

The dose should usually be 250-500 mg PO b.i.dDysmenorrhea is a condition of painful periods or can also be called as menstrual cramps. The pain in the lower abdomen and pelvis starts from the time when the periods begin.Naproxen is usually given to the patients suffering from dysmenorrhea.
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Give the medicament to the patient according to the doctor's instruction.


It is also necessary to:

a. check if the patient has allergy to any drug

b. Talk to the patient about the procedures to take the pills

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organisms that lack symmetry are called asymmetrical and belong to phylum porifera/sponges.

organisms with specialized stinging cells belong to phylum cnidaria. stinging cells are called cnidoblast cells.

cnidarians show two morphological forms : polyp (sessile) and medusa (mobile)

filter feeding is observed in porifera members.  

alternation of generation is observed in coelenterata or cnidaria. there is alternation of asexual polyp form and sexual medusoid form. it is also referred as metagenesis.

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when a reversible reaction is occurring in both directions at the same rate; the products and reactants do not change in concentration. a chemical reaction where the compound is broken into its constituent parts.


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Aclient with dysmenorrhea has been prescribed naproxen 1250 mg po b. i.d. what is the nurse's best a...

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