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Approximately how many times does an average human heart beat in a lifetime?


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60 - 100 beats per minute
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Exponents are added when multiplying:

  (a^b)(a^c) = a^(b+c)

  1.15·10⁵ × 3.65·10² ≈ 4.2·10⁷


Your calculator is designed to work with scientific notation. Scientific or graphing calculators can also display their output in scientific notation. A spreadsheet can also perform this calculation for you and display the result in the required format.

Calculators and spreadsheets sometimes use "E" in place of "×10^". That is, 4.2E7 means 4.2×10^7.

The average human heart beats 1.15 times 10 to the power of 5 per day. there are 3.65 times 10 to th
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  4.2\cdot10^{7} times

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: The average human heart beats in one day=1.15\cdot10^5 times

The number of days in one year =3.65\cdot10^2

Now, the number of times does the heart beat in one year is given by :-

1.15\cdot10^5\cdot3.65\cdot10^2\\\\=1.15\times3.65\times10^{5+2}......[\text{Since }a^m\cdot a^n=a^{m+n}]\\\\=4.1975\cdot10^{7}\approx4.2\times10^7

Hence, the heart beat 4.2\cdot10^{7} times in one year.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Khan Academy

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Step-by-step explanation:

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4.1975\cdot 10^{7}

Step-by-step explanation:

We are told that the average human heart beats 1.15\cdot 10^{5} times per day and there are 3.65\cdot 10^{2} days in one year.

To find number of heart beats in one year we will multiply number of heart beats in one day by number of days in one year.

1.15\cdot 10^{5}\times 3.65\cdot 10^{2}

Now we will solve this problem using exponent properties.

1.15 \times 3.65\cdot 10^{2+5}

1.15 \times 3.65\cdot 10^{7}

4.1975\cdot 10^{7}

Our answer is in scientific notation we can represent it in standard form as 4.1975\cdot 10^{7}=4.1975*10000000=41975000 times.

Therefore, average human heart beats in one year 4.1975\cdot 10^{7} or 41975000 times.

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Let b/day = beats per day

Let d/yr = days per year

Let b/yr = beats per year


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Please do take the time to read my explanation, it will only help you if you do...


if the heart beats 72 beats per minute and 1 beat pumps 70 MLs of blood:


Hence, on average the human heart beats about 5040 mililiters in one minute.

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The average number of beats in a lifetime would be 2,365,200,000

Step-by-step explanation:

To find the amount we need to take basic steps. The first step is multiplying the number of beats to find out how many are in an hour. Since there are 60 in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, multiply the two.

60 beats * 60 minutes = 3,600 beats per hour.

Now multiply the amount of beats in an hour by the number of hours in a day.

3,600 * 24 hours = 86,400 beats per day

Now multiply the number of days in a year. Technically there is 365 1/4 in a year, but we'll use the flat rate of 365 since that is generally the accepted answer.

86,400 * 365 days = 31,536,000 beats per year

And now we take that number and multiply by the number of years that he lines

31,536,000 * 75 years = 2,365,200,00 beats in a lifetime

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For this you would multiply the coefficients and add the powers.
1.15×3.65 = 4.1975
5 + 2 = 7
4.1975 × 10^7 should be the answer. Hope this helps!

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